Many of you know me as Kema, the owner of the LLC Kema Kreations located in upstate, N.Y. If you’re reading this then you are, or you’re about to become, a part of my village.

With this platform, Kema’s Village, I crowdfund in-kind gifts and services to small business owners. These gifts will most often be in the form of vital business equipment that can help a small business scale up. This will be an ongoing effort focused on the one thing needed to help take someone’s business to the next level.

Your contribution, no matter how small, will help make a difference in someone’s life.

The Process

A recipient is randomly selected from the small business wishlist ( Once the money gained from this fundraiser reaches the amount required for the cost of the next wish we notify the  winner. Up until then, it’s a secret. The community will have the opportunity to meet and further support the member of our larger village when we publicly announce who has won.

After each gifting, we will shift our focus to a new item and new community member who can utilize our support. Who knows, maybe your business will be our next recipient!

Thank you for being a member of my village and continuing to pour into me and those around me!