Considering a Wooden Purse? Here Are Some Tips

Wooden purses are having a moment. If you’re considering jumping on the wooden purse train, here are some tips.

What Is a Wooden Purse?

A wooden purse is exactly what it sounds like – it’s a purse primarily made from wood. We offer a variety of custom wooden purse styles – wooden clutches, shoulder bags, and cute round saddle purses. They fit in with several of the current handbag trends that are popular right now.

Types of Wooden Purses

There are a variety of options available when it comes to the wooden purse. If you search around, you’re likely to find a range – from purses that are made only of wood to purses that are made with wood and other materials. Most modern wooden purses have the main bag composed of wood with another material for straps and closures.

Some wooden bags look like mini suitcases or little lunch boxes, and they have a buckle closure. Others are left with an open top and no closure. Still more, like the wooden clutch, have traditional fixtures and use hinges to make it so owners can open and close their purses with ease.

What Pros and Cons Should You Weigh Before Purchasing a Wooden Purse?

There are some things that you should consider when deciding whether a wooden purse is for you. One of the biggest benefits of a wooden purse is that it is made from natural materials, so it’s not contributing to the problem of plastic waste. This, of course, depends on what additional materials the custom purse manufacturer has chosen for that purse.

Another benefit of owning a wooden purse is that these purses can be pretty durable and have a long usability life, particularly when the owner takes good care of the accessory (more on that in a moment). Depending on the type of wood used in creation, they can be a great sustainable piece to add to your wardrobe.

Finally, this is a statement piece. Not a lot of people own wooden purses yet, so when you sport one with your outfit, particularly if it was custom made, then it’s going to get attention. These purses do require some maintenance to keep them looking fresh for years’ worth of love, but they’re well-worth the time it takes to care for them.

How to Care for Wooden Purses

This statement piece does require some care in order to maximize its longevity. Owners will want to follow these tips in order to ensure that their wooden purse lasts as long as possible.

1.      Be careful with heavy objects.

While your custom wooden purse is more durable than other accessories, you’ll still want to take care to ensure that it doesn’t find itself under anything heavy and that you’re not packing more than the purse could reasonably carry. Otherwise, the wood could warp, or worse, crack.

2.      Watch how you open the purse.

Overuse can cause cracks or damage in the purse. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t use it as an everyday option if you like. That does mean you should take care, especially if instead of metal hinges the wood is just bent to form a purse flap.

3.      Dry off your purse ASAP if it gets wet.

If your purse gets wet, it’s not going to like it. Wood cracks and warps when it stays moist over time. If you’re out in the rain, or if it’s the victim of a spill, make sure to dry it off ASAP, if not immediately in order to protect it.

4.      Use mineral oil to clean your wooden purse.

Just as you need to clean wooden cutting boards using mineral or walnut oil, you’ll need to do the same with your wooden purse to maintain it over time. Not only does this get the dirt off, but it also gives your purse a lovely shine.

5.      Limit exposure to perfumes and beauty products.

Perfumes and beauty products can have ingredients in them that will strip any stains or paints from your beautiful wooden purse. It’s best to ensure that you keep contact with such products to a minimum (it’s best that the purse doesn’t encounter them at all).

6.      Keep out of sunlight.

Finally, you’ll want to make sure your wooden purse has a good home. Such a home should be somewhere dry, away from where you get ready for work or outings, and out of sunlight. Sunlight can be nice for seeing the true colors of objects, but it can also have a bleaching and drying effect on your wooden purse, leading to cracking and fading.

By going into the buying process fully informed, you can be sure that you’ll find the perfect purse that will give you enjoyment well into the future. When you’re making the purchase, be sure to ask the handbag manufacturer about any further care tips you might need to follow for your piece. Wooden purses are a great addition to any wardrobe and they can last for years with the proper care and maintenance.


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