Celebrity Purses: Types & Trends

When it comes to the hottest colors, brands, and styles, you can spot a lot of trends in celebrity purses.Here are some of the popular types being sported by our favorite performers. A lot of celebrities are choosing more classic and traditional purses for their favorite accessories.

Detailed Structured Shoulder Bags

The shoulder bag is back in a big way – but celebrities are opting for structured versions of this classic handbag. Look for chain straps and solid construction. Gabrielle Union loves to sport her pretty cream-colored structured shoulder bag.

Kema’s Golden Clutch is a perfect way to incorporate this trend into your everyday wardrobe. The wooden clutch has a classic shape and impeccable details.

The Little Black Purse

The little black purse is finding its way back into the hands of our favorite celebrities – from Rhianna to Emma Roberts. Whether the little black purse is actually little like a clutch or a shoulder bag, or if it’s just “little” in the sense that it’s a basic staple, black purses are everywhere.

The best part of the little black purse is that it’s versatile enough to be your everyday work purse as well as your weekend brunch purse. Our lavish wood purse fits this bill perfectly. It goes from day to night seamlessly and is sure to get compliments from everyone you meet.

Micro Bags and Wristlets

These are little bags. They’re perfect for those who don’t want to lug around a large tote from place to place and who don’t want to carry anything other than what’s needed for a spectacular night out or a quick run to the mall.

You may have seen Rhianna, Beyoncé, or Kendall Jenner with one of these cute bags. Put your ID and card in it, and perhaps your favorite lipstick for touch-ups, and you’re good to go.

Bold and Playful Celebrity Purses

Lizzo is known for her award-winning music and awesome flamboyance. Her handbags are statement pieces. She loves to play with whimsy – as many of us do – and doesn’t shy away from doing so in her fashion choices.

While her purse of choice is most often a clutch, they always fit in with the overall theme of her outfits. We’re pretty confident she would love our artistry line of purses.

Double Bags

Double bags are big right now – and yes, they’re exactly what they sound like: two bags worn together. Most often this trend is rocked by pairing a traditional handbag with a matching or coordinating micro bag.

Why wear one purse when you can wear two and make twice the impression on others?

Simple Embellishments

There have been times when celebrity purses trended toward being as extra as possible, but now the trend is for them to be simple and elegant. Instead of being painted and quilted and blinged out, most popular bags have one element – either it’s beautifully painted, it has a special clasp, or the pockets have lace added to them.

This certainly helps to make it so that trendy styles will stay in fashion long beyond the first season they enter the market. Our Euphoria and Lacey wooden purses are perfect examples of handbags fitting with this trend.

Crescent Shaped

Crescent-shaped handbags are always coming in and out of fashion, and right now they’re in again. To make this style work, you’ll want to be on the lookout for a bag that fits comfortably around the shoulder while still looking chic.

Avoid crescent-shaped bags that have lots of rhinestones or you could quickly go from looking like you’re channeling Alexa Demie to lyou’re ready to step into a late-90s cowboy bar.

Chain Links

Chain links on bags are everywhere right now. You’ll find them as straps, perhaps with leather woven between the links, and you’ll find them as embellishments on the bag itself. This is one of those evergreen celebrity purse trends that comes and goes every few years.

To pull this look off, make sure that the chain link is made from quality material and is sturdy enough to hold up to whatever you will be adding into your purse. Nothing’s worse than being out with friends and having one of the links pull apart.

Bags Made of Natural Materials

Natural materials are having a renaissance right now. Leather, a long-time staple in bag making, is big right now, particularly if it’s in its more natural states. Some of the saddlebags that are popular right now with celebrities are made from leather finished with leather lacing instead of thread.

Shearling handbags and backpacks are also very popular right now as this cozy material is making its way to more than just coats and boots this season. Wood handbags are making the scene as well. You can find many of the popular shapes in wooden options, like our lavished wood handbag where the material is the statement.

Extra-Large Totes

Susan Kelechi Watson is known for loving big totes. The larger the tote, the better. You can fit everything in your tote – your book, your journal, your current subversive stitching project.

This year’s materials for large totes are soft and supple. People want their large handbags to feel good as well as look good. Our Kishayna Ast Ankh bag, seen on General Hospital, is roomy enough to carry all your favorite items.

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